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Ernst The First became a visionary carpenter since 1888

It all started when Ernst The First decided to became a carpenter from a farmer because he enjoyed drawing and sculpting so much back in the 19th Century. One day, he felt confident enough to open his own joinery in Detmold in 1888, and there was when the company - "Hilker" established.

He first started out by manufacturing doors, windows and single pieces of furniture. Around the turn of the century, Hilker became the mass production of furniture. Hilker was one of the largest factory in Germany back in the 1900s after the recognition as “Purveyor to the Court” by German Royal Family.

Hilker Crest arose after being honoured the "Purveyor to the Court" in 1906

A street has been named after Ernst-Hilker in Detmold, Germany. This is one of the legacy of Hilker company and brand, also a true recognition of its prevision and reliability.

With the experience of the past,

we create the future.

Today, over a century and four generations later, the company has flourished and expanded to become a recognised and respected premier chain across the globe. Thanks to the excellent products and partners around the world, you can now see Hilker in North & South America, Europe (our home land), Middle East and Asia. 

We are proud with who we are today but also never forgetting the basic principals: Quality, Reliability, Modern Designed & Ecological Production. It is now the 130th years of Hilker establishment and we hope you will be as proud as we are to own a Hilker. 

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