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Ecological Production

TENCEL uses wood, stems from forest plantation is more sustainable in comparison to cotton, polyester and polypropylene as it reduces agricultural land production and consumed 10 to 20 times less water.

Hygroscopic : Moisture Transportation

With the unique nano-fabrils structure, TENCEL Fibre Textile absorbs moisture completely and naturally then releases to the outside, assuring optimal moisture transportation with an approximately 50% better management as compared to cotton and polyester.  

Featherlight Texture

The fibre textile has a smoother surface when comparing to silk, while the featherlight texture and softness are appreciable, more gentle and prevent irritations to skin.

Hygienic : Anti-Bacterial

The growth of bacteria can be restricted completely and naturally without chemical additives. A test demonstrates that the growth of bacteria on TENCEL is greatly reduced while in comparison, the number of bacteria increases by up to 2,000 times in other synthetic fibres.

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