A beautiful sleep

is essential

Sleep plays an important role in both our physical and mental health. Our body repairs itself and recovers while we snooze, and that leads to a long list of benefits to our body, mind, and soul.


Bettgefühl (pronounce as: better-ful) is a German Mattress that designed with the mission to create only beautiful sleep. With over a century of experience since 1888, we know exactly the remedies for your daily restoration, hence a beautiful life.  

Bettgefühl ensures you a complete relaxation through:

• BreezyFoam® Air Cooling Sleep

• NASA-Tech High Resiliency Memory Foam

• Duracoil® Extremely Durable Spring Coils

• BalanceAct® Perfect Balancing Support System

• Biorytmic® Stress-Free Sleeping Environment

• TENCEL® Eco-Bacteriostatic Sleep

*Model dependent

Complete relaxation for your beautiful life


Product Features

BreezyFoam® Air Cooling Sleep

• Regulates the air according to room temperature at all time

• Provides optimum airflow, effective recirculation  

• Feeling cooling comfort throughout the night sleep

NASA-Tech High Resiliency Memory Foam

• United States NASA technology

• High resiliency foam

• Conforms to body contour effectively with maximum support

• Minimum disturbance regardless which sleeping postures  

Duracoil® Extremely Durable Spring Coils

• Strong performace via heat tempering process

• Extra durable as the spring coil will stay in their intended shape

• Quality assurance and laboratory tested

BalanceAct® Perfect Balancing Support System

• Arranged in parallel structure

• Suitable space gap in between spring coil

• Offers you the most perfect balancing support 

Biorytmic® Stress-Free Sleeping Environment

• Imported from Turkey Technology

• Regulates your poor intra-body communication during sleep

• Be free from sleep deprivation, tiredness and fatigue

• Stress-free sleeping environment

TENCEL® Eco-Bacteriostatic Sleep

• Natural cellulosic fiber from the essence of the eucalyptus tree • Prevents the growth of bacteria

• As durable as polyester, as soft as silk and cool as linen

• Eco-bacteriostatic sleep

The family crest arose after being honoured the “Purveyor for Court” award in 1906 by the German Royal Family. It reflects the prevision and reliability of the Hilker brand. The oak tree represents the basic material used in our furniture whilest the tools on either side represents our excellent craftsmanship.



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