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A beautiful sleep

is essential

Sleep plays an important role in both our physical and mental health. Our body repairs itself and recovers while we snooze, and that leads to a long list of benefits to our body, mind, and soul.


Bettgefühl (pronounce as: better-ful) is a German Mattress that designed with the mission to create only beautiful sleep. With over a century of experience since 1888, we know exactly the remedies for your daily restoration, hence a beautiful life.  

Bettgefühl ensures you a complete relaxation through:

• BreezyFoam® Air Cooling Sleep

• NASA-Tech High Resiliency Memory Foam

• Duracoil® Extremely Durable Spring Coils

• BalanceAct® Perfect Balancing Support System

• Biorytmic® Stress-Free Sleeping Environment

• TENCEL® Eco-Bacteriostatic Sleep

*Model dependent

Complete relaxation for your beautiful life


Product Features

BreezyFoam® Air Cooling Sleep

• Regulates the air according to room temperature at all time

• Provides optimum airflow, effective recirculation  

• Feeling cooling comfort throughout the night sleep

NASA-Tech High Resiliency Memory Foam

• United States NASA technology

• High resiliency foam

• Conforms to body contour effectively with maximum support

• Minimum disturbance regardless which sleeping postures  

Duracoil® Extremely Durable Spring Coils

• Strong performace via heat tempering process

• Extra durable as the spring coil will stay in their intended shape

• Quality assurance and laboratory tested

BalanceAct® Perfect Balancing Support System

• Arranged in parallel structure

• Suitable space gap in between spring coil

• Offers you the most perfect balancing support 

Biorytmic® Stress-Free Sleeping Environment

• Imported from Turkey Technology

• Regulates your poor intra-body communication during sleep

• Be free from sleep deprivation, tiredness and fatigue

• Stress-free sleeping environment

TENCEL® Eco-Bacteriostatic Sleep

• Natural cellulosic fiber from the essence of the eucalyptus tree • Prevents the growth of bacteria

• As durable as polyester, as soft as silk and cool as linen

• Eco-bacteriostatic sleep

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