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Exclusive coverage on the

soft launched of Harvey Norman IPC, Malaysia.

16 November 2017 

Just like what we have been holding since 1888, the fourth generation of Hilker Family - Mr Ernst Hilker is demonstrating the values of Hilker brand by himself throughout the two hours session in Harvey Norman IPC, Malaysia. 

• Excellent Quality 

• Extremely Reliable

• Modern Design

• Ecological Production 

All these values can only be achieved by having tremendous love on every details, while at the same time being persistent, passionate, and committed to what we are doing, at all stages. 


The newly launched Kaiser Collection in Harvey Norman Malaysia is showcasing the truly mattresses for Your Royal Highness. Explained by Mr Ernst Hilker, the Empire IV Model of this new collection is made by our global breakthrough sleeping technology - QuadHDCoil® System, which consists up to 10,000 FINGER TOUCH® Micro Hybrid Coils. Giving you the extraordinary luxurious sleep at night. 


All Hilker's spring mattresses are also built by Titanium Pocketed Spring Coils that nullify negative charges formed by electromagnetic field from our surrounding devices hence ensuring you a refreshed and rejuvenated morning on all days. While Mr Ernst Hilker is presenting the new mattress collection, we could feel his love and passion on these products, also his vision for the brand and the company. From the fabulous moment and conversation with him, we know exactly, "with the experience of our past, we are creating the future".   

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