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Stress-free & Quick Charge!


1 million times thinner than a human hair

Graphene is described as a new age of the material and creates the base for great ground-breaking work in many sectors of our day. This material is 1 million thinner than human hair with high conductivity to reduce static electricity, hence stress-free. A truly smart fabric. 


A truly smart fabric for your ultimate care

Stress varies from person to person and controlling stress gets harder day by day. The stress we experience for various reasons in many different areas of our life has a negative impact on our bodies. It deteriorates our quality of life and reduces our productivity, hence we need to get recharge our bodies with a comfortable quality sleep at night. With the Graphene-tech fabric cover, it is able to reduce static electricity and protects our bodies from stress.  

No more worry about electronic devices in bed

We understand it is unavoidable nowadays to live in the digital era without having your electronic devices with you even with you are in bed. No more worry about the electromagnetic-fields wave from electronic devices, you can now sleep in heavenly peace with our astonishing Graphene-tech fabric cover that effectively emits far infrared and recharges our body energy rapidly.  

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