Hilker Mattress across the globe

Hilker is a worldwide recognised international mattress brand, started since 1888 in Detmold, Germany. 

With the experience of past four generations, we have expanded our distribution from the Europe to Asia including China, Taiwan, Korea,

Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore. 

For all Hilker's users across the globe, you may refer to your Product Guarantee/ Warranty as below.  


10-Year Guarantee / Warranty

100% Guaranteed

I. Our mattresses are all produced by qualified ISO9001 certified manufacturer II. Our mattresses have passed the national top standard Grade A Durability Test of lasting 80,000 repeated compressions (NOTE: Grade B for 40,000 compressions, Grade C for 25,000 compressions). III. Formaldehyde released from the mattresses is lower than the national standard of 0.05mg/m2h. IV. Absolutely no extracted materials from discarded or waste fibrous products are used as raw material in the manufacturing of our mattresses. V. Products have passed pathogen tests and are tested free of Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus, and haemolytic Staphylococcus.

Terms & Conditions

1. This warranty is for the mattress spring coils from the date of delivery; (the "Product") against defects in workmanship or faulty materials.

2. During the 10 years warranty period of the mattress, the mattress spring coils will be repaired or have parts replaced at HILKER's absolute discretion at no charge in respect of any manufacturing defects of the mattress spring coils.

3. Warranty does not cover mattress that is soiled, burnt or evidently abused due to improper usage and handling.

4. The appointed dealer reserves the right to substitute fabrics of equal quality if identical fabrics are not available at the time of repair or replacement.

5. Normal body impression on the quilted surface of the mattress is a normal occurrence as the upholstery layers are confirming to your body contours. These body impressions are characteristics of the mattress and are not considered manufacturing defects.

6. Any depression of less than 3cm of the original mattress height is considered physiological due to body impression, high elasticity of materials used in the manufacturing and normal wearing, thus not sagging.

7. Any possible odours arising from the mattress is considered normal and will dismiss over time with sufficient amount of ventilation in your bedroom.

8. For any new mattress, a "variable period" for your body to adapt to the mattress is necessary.

9. Warranty does not cover "comfort" expectation.

10. The appointed dealer shall not be held any responsible for any repairs carried out outside its appointed factory.

11. This product warranty is only valid within the country of purchased.

The family crest arose after being honoured the “Purveyor for Court” award in 1906 by the German Royal Family. It reflects the prevision and reliability of the Hilker brand. The oak tree represents the basic material used in our furniture whilest the tools on either side represents our excellent craftsmanship.



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