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Back in 1888, a young and talented entrepreneur by the name of Ernst Hilker started a small furniture business that manufactures first class designer pieces in Detmold, Germany.


Today, over a century and four generations later, the company has flourished and expanded to become a recognised and respected premier chain.

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Over a century, Hilker brand has grown from a small furniture business into a first class manufacturer in the bedding industry. The achievement is widely recognised in its home country, Germany and now, we are aiming to become the world leader in the bedding industry. We understand the diverse market needs and strive to provide precise solutions and top notch service.


To realise our vision, our key task is to generate prominent value and make a difference. Non-stop research and development is carried out to integrate the most up-to-date technologies in mattress-making into our products. Keeping Hilker as the first preference in customers' minds is our ultimate mission.


No matter where we are in the

production stages or business relations and services, we pledge to always uphold our following values:


1. Be the most trustworthy brand in mind. 

2. Be innovative and persistently 

    challenging the impossible. 

3. Be sincere and transparent, delivering           only the most distinct pieces.  

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