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Exclusively for Harvey Norman Singapore

13 April - 13 May 2017

The splendid moment always arrives when you are in the most comfortable condition. 

In collaboration with Harvey Norman Singapore, Hilker SNAP & WIN Photo Contest has collected numerous precious moments from our beloved customers that express the touch of love story of them with Hilker mattress.


Most of the contestants have been rewarded a Limited Edition Hilker Comfort Touch Armrest Pillow, while the grand prize winner (With most Facebook 'Likes') has even carried home a Hilker Queen Size Pocketed Latex Mattress!     

Inheriting the excellence values from the past four generations, German Hilker provides only the finest craftsmanship and absolute quality with the touch of love, that you can only accept it with "Yes, I do.".

We had a fun time jumping and rolling from bed to bed at the beautiful Harvey Norman flagship superstore at Millenia Walk today! 🎉

Soft and comfortable Pillow wish I have one. #HilkeYesIDo

While shopping for my new bed, came across this contest. Just want to try my luck and hoping to win a small prize for my new house ☺#HilkerYesIDo

#HilkerYesIDo This mattress is very soft and comfortable. I love it very much.

I want put this comfortable mattress at your room, Lau Kian Keong😘 #HilkerYesIDo

Hilker Bed & Mattress always gives good sleep, This what everyone needs,simply like it #HilkerYesIDo H means HILKER

Oh my god 😱😱😱! Saw Hilker Mattress during our shopping spree at #HarveyNormanSG Millenia Walk! Attracted by the awesome design 🎊 and great quality 🎉! Hope to bring it home! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻#HilkerYesIDo

Very Comfortable of Hilker Mattress. Hope can win it pillow for my Sweet Dream in my life #HilkerYesIDo

This feeling is so so so........ *snoring* 💤 #HilkerYesIDo

#HilkerYesIDo yes, Hilker I do. Best mattress will make my child's more awesome with their sweet dream.


This mattress feel so good!!! #HilkerYesIDo

Immediately fall asleep with Hilker mattress #HilkerYesIDo

So good and love it #HilkerYesIDo  Hope can win a new Pillow from #Hilker

Hope to win this Pillow it feel good. #HilkerYesIDo

BumbleBee transformer like Hilker Mattress #HilkerYesIDo






New house, New Mattress #HilkerYesIDo Looking forward to enjoy comfort with my hubby😉👍🏼

#HilkerYesIDo Love at the 1st sight for this grand bedframe! And when I sit on the bed, wow, the mattress is so comfy!!!

Nice & comfortable German technology Mattress. Simply love it. #HilkerYesIDo

My bed pose at #HarveyNormanSG ! #HilkerYesIDo

#HilkerYesIDo Omg this bed is really really nice . good support and also very grand. Love it!

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