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Up to 10,000 Spring Counts

A global breakthrough invention with 4-layers of FINGER TOUCH® Micro Hybrid Coils that gives you extra weight and pressure distribution hence extraordinary comfort as compared to conventional mattresses.

Micro-Sense Support

The design of Hilker’s FINGER TOUCH® Micro Hybrid Coil is derived from the concept of therapeutic massage, which has been used for years as a way to relieve muscle tension and to relax the body and mind. The specific 60mm height for each of the Micro Hybrid Coils is similar as the standard length of human’s index finger and it is laboratory tested as the best height for optimum pocketed spring pressure relieving support.

Electric Neutralisation

All the Hilker’s FINGER TOUCH® Micro Hybrid Coils are made from Titanium Alloy, which is widely known as an alternative medicine to nullify the negative charges that formed by electromagnetic field. Generally, the pain from soreness and stiffness are created by tonnes of negative charges, which partly contributed by the daily consumption of electronic devices such as smart phones, internet connection, computers, TVs, appliances and more. With Hilker’s FINGER TOUCH® Micro Hybrid Coils, your body will be restored as majority of the negative charges that contained within the body will be neutralised and eliminated throughout the luxurious night sleep.  

Comfort Booster

The size of Hilker’s FINGER TOUCH® Micro Hybrid Coil is approximately half of a standard pocketed spring coil hence it offers a double surface coverage. At the same time, body weight is widely distributed across more coils thus enabling better spine alignment and supreme support. Besides that, the micro size also increases responsive areas and minimises pressure points, therefore boosts up the overall comfort level.

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