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April - May 2018


In conjunction with our 130 Years of German Excellence Anniversary Celebration, we are giving out free limited edition gifts to our beloved supporters in both Malaysia & Singapore! 

Easy Peasy!

STEP 1 : Visit to selected stores and events

STEP 2 : Give us your honest 5-stars review on our

               Facebook Page @HilkerMattress

STEP 3 : Win away our selected limited edition gifts!

We are proud with who we are today but also never forgetting the basic principals: Quality, Reliability, Modern Designed & Ecological Production. It is now the 130th years of Hilker establishment and we hope you will be as proud as we are to own a Hilker. 


*Terms and conditions apply:

1. Photo will be taken during prizes giveaway. Please let our

    team members understand if you do not want to show your

    photo on public.


2. This ‘Review & Win Contest’ is only effective from 09 April

    2018 – 31 May 2018 at selected stores and events only. 


3. Each customers are only entitled to one (1) limited edition

    free gift, only if the public review is uploaded on our

    Facebook Page.


4. Free gift is not exchangeable for cash or further rebate on

    any product purchase.


5. Hilker Mattress reserves the right to amend contest terms and conditions at all time without further notice.

The family crest arose after being honoured the “Purveyor for Court” award in 1906 by the German Royal Family. It reflects the prevision and reliability of the Hilker brand. The oak tree represents the basic material used in our furniture whilest the tools on either side represents our excellent craftsmanship.



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