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Official Hilker Partnership with China

On the day January 12th 2019, the exclusive German Brand Hilker 1888 has made its way in Shenzhen Red Star Maccaline, marking down the official start of the German Royal Brand within the Chinese domestic bedding market.

With the purpose of revolutionising every household's sleeping environment, Hilker 1888 is bringing into the game, innovative technology combined with century German quality to finally set the beginning of the "perfect bedroom" era!

Hilker 1888 possess many peculiar and outstanding features that, in fact, have been highly praised for their positive healing effects on our human body wellbeing. To give you a little preview, the ability of neutralising negative charges is one of them, thanks to the #FingerTouch Micro Hybrid Coils made of Titanium Alloy, an effective and healthy alternative medicine to counteract negative charge formed by electromagnetic fields.

The collaboration between Germany Hilker 1888 and China's Furniture outlet Red Star Maccaline is just bound to push the bedroom experience to the next level, to become the new must-have of all modern consumers.


Take a a look at the fantastic display of Hilker 1888 Bedding Collection at Red Star Maccaline in Shenzhen, China:


"With the experience of past four generations, we are creating the future", from Germany to Croatia, Slovenia, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, Hong Kong, China, Thailand, India and many more in the near future, our aim remains in offering you the #GermanRoyalExperience since 1888.

If you are interested to know more about #HilkerChina, please follow our authorised dealer's official WeChat account from:

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