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Malaysia, here we come!

Feeling stressed over the rise of temperature?

The heat wave has made a lot of people start populating houses with electric fans...

and surely the are not helping much when trying to fall asleep.

It is research proven that blowing cold air can affect your body negatively causing muscle contractions and stiffness, not to mention the risks of sleeping with an air conditioner full on.

16 - 20 Degree Celsius is ideally the temperature you should set your sleeping environment to, but if not possible, everything narrows down to one simple but crucial element: the mattress.

Uncomfortable bedding and not breathable mattresses can only help raising our body temperature and make the sleeping such a nightmare. It is necessary to well understand how to shop a mattress, especially if you don't usually like waking up in a pool of your own sweat.


Discover how Hilker 1888 can help you rest easier.

All Hilker 1888 Mattress Collections are equipped with temperature regulating properties to help increase and cool down your body temperature whenever it is required. To provide you the best majestic comfort ever, making you feel like royalty.

With a combination of avant-garde technologies such as #FingerTouch Micro Hybrid Coil, DuoHDCoil, NASA-Tech Memory Foam, Hilker 1888 is doing its best to share this impeccable sleeping solutions designed just for you.

(See the whole range of products here: )

I ♥️ Hilker, Yes I do. That's all you will be saying once laid down on a Hilker 1888 Mattress.


Hear from yourself from fellow Malaysian that have visited our Homedec Exhibition in Kuala Lumpur from the 18 - 21 April 2019! Some of our best Hilker 1888 Mattress Collection where displayed during the Homedec Exhibition along some of the best smiles ever shot by cameras.

Scroll through the pictures below and take a look of some of our lucky winners at Hilker 1888 April 2019 Homedec Exhibition in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


"With the experience of past four generations, we are creating the future", from Germany to Croatia, Slovenia, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, Hong Kong, China, Thailand, India and many more in the near future, our aim remains in offering you the #GermanRoyalExperience since 1888.

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