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New Year's Resolution: Get better sleep with a new mattress

New year is the time where we set resolutions for a 'better us' as compared to the previous years. Generally these resolutions fall into one of the several predictable goals, such as losing weight, getting more organised, exploring more travel destinations, or getting a better job. Most of the time, we would neglect some goals that are easy to achieve and don't require a lot of counting calories or an extensive job search, such as get a better sleep.

Here is the 4 Key Reasons why having a Hilker Mattress should be one of your new year solutions:

#1: Modern Design with Human Touch

Our everyday life has changed tremendously in this technological advancement world with fast speed, loud noise and automation control. Along with the creation of innovative and ingenious product features, Hilker never forgetting the basic value of life – human touch.

Hilker's FINGER TOUCH® Micro Hybrid Coils is derived from the concept of therapeutic massage, which has been used for years as a way to relieve muscle tension and to relax the body and mind. The specific 60mm height is similar as the standard length of human’s index finger and it is laboratory tested as the best height for optimum pocketed spring pressure relieving support, feeling just like having a soothing therapeutic massage.

#2: Ecological Production: People, Product & Planet

Besides the people, Hilker cares about the planet too. From material selection to production details including machineries and work labours, we endorsed the most environmentally-friendly policies and procedures to provides the most ecological and sustainable products to the customers and safe guarding the well being of all human.

Our Belgium imported LATEXCO premium natural latex is widely recognised by several International Sustainable Business awards such as 'Responsible Care', EuroLatex Eco Standard, LGA Tested Quality, and more.

#3: Excellent and Finest Quality

The mindset of Hilker’s family across four generations is always revolved around prestigious quality with tremendous love for detail. All our mattresses are finished with fine stitches, great lines and nice embroideries that not only aesthetically pleasant but extremely durable as compared to the other conventional mattresses production.

#4: Reliability with International Accreditation

As we mentioned above, Hilker is not self-proclaimed for its finest craftsmanship and excellent quality but accredited and recognised by numerous reliable international standards.

Besides partnering with the world-leading and innovative raw material suppliers such as LATEXCO Natural Latex and TENCEL Fibre Textile, we are the only mattress brand that being awarded "The Purveyor of Court" by the German Royal Family since 1906 as a recognition for our excellent quality.

New year, a new mattress, a new you.

Happy 2018!

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