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Eco-warriors, here we go!

Looking for an eco-friendly and recyclable mattress?

You are definitely on the right page. Hilker is partnering with the World No. 1 Latex Manufacturer - Belgium LATEXCO on all latex materials. It is tapped from the Havea Brasiliensis rubber tree on carefully selected plantations near the equator and imported from Belgium factory.

Besides protecting our planet with its biodegradable feature, latex mattress is also an ideal option for allergy-prone sleepers because it is hypo-allergenic, dust mite resistant, and will not support mildew or bacteria. More product features can be found from here.

We are not just go green in terms of the material used, but also the manufacturing process and resources management. This can be rest assured with our international recognitions such as EuroLatex ECO STANDARD, Confidence in Textiles, and Responsible Care award.

Now that we have the green materials and production, what's next?

Spice up your bedroom with some eco-conscious wallpaper from here. The rainforest theme is our favourite so far along with the upcoming Earth Day celebration! By the way, if you wish to gain some real experience on our natural latex mattresses, you are most welcomed to visit us at our selected outlet in town.

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