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Hilker Thailand? Yes, please!

Success Comes in Different Forms.

This is what we've learned to embrace from the many collaborations between Hilker and the beautiful country of Thailand.

During the past month of September, Hilker was able to leave a remarkable impression in the Thai Market thanks to the exclusive events involving premium brands and success-driven, like-minded personalities to which a good rest is as important as having a productive day at work.

The event opening showcased a luxurious car parade from world famous Italian Cars manufacturer, Lamborghini, to then proceed to a full Hilker Royal Class Mattresses display, because to PLAY HARD you need to REST WELL.

🔥 Hilker Thailand x Lamborghini Club Thailand 🔥


Thanks to the amazing performance and huge response from customers eager to learn more about what Hilker is about, the 4th generation of our brand founder - Mr Ernst Hilker made appearance in person to further introduce Hilker Mattress luxurious sleeping technologies as well as the hundred years of brand history which has been recognised by the German Royal Family back in 1906.

Many memorable moments were captured throughout the night accompanied by special cocktails and live music. Guests were delighted by the overall exhibition centred on the Art of Fine German Bed-Making.

Live the magics of that evening by scrolling through the glamorous shots taken during the event.

✨Hilker x The Impression Suite ✨


Enjoy life at its fullest, restore your health with sleep.

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"With the experience of past four generations, we are creating the future", from Germany to Croatia, Slovenia, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, Hong Kong, China, Thailand, India and many more in the near future, our aim remains in offering you the #GermanRoyalExperience since 1888.

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