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Are you a Frequent Traveler? Here is what you should know

It is halfway through the year of 2019!

About time to give ourselves a reward for making it through all those New Year's resolutions that we planned to stick to but managed to ignore at the same time. And what's better than packing up and temporarily escape from everyday's exhausting routine?

Fly away and seek for new destinations, cultures and food!

But as exciting as that sounds, you will have to bear the flight journey in order to reach your sought-after vacation place. And sometimes, flying can be rough, especially when it comes to falling asleep in that crumpled, tiny, ever-moving plane seat of yours.

Here are some pro tips from to have a good restoring sleep while making your flight the most enjoyable and relaxing possible:

Cut down on your Carry-Ons

If you have a two full-size carry-ons, one might end up your feet, limiting your legroom and making it harder to sleep. Instead, pack lighter so you can fit everything into a single bag. Keep a few small necessities near the top of the bag. Before you stow your bag in the overhead compartment, pull out the important items that you'll need during the flight and put them in the back of the seat in front of you.

Bring a Neck Pillow

Many travellers swear by the supportive neck pillows. And they really do work miracles.

Free your Feet

This is a controversial subject. Some people slip their shoes off as soon as they get on a plane; others wouldn’t dream of it. Further, there’s the issue of keeping your circulation flowing; going barefoot permits your feet to swell.

Opt for shoes you can slip on and off easily—this way you’re not pulling at shoelaces and flinging elbows mid-flight. On overseas flights, some airlines give you socks that will keep you warm and encourage circulation in your feet.

Recline Your Seat - But be Courteous

On a night flight, expecting someone not to sleep is like asking them to put down their window shade during a flight over the Grand Canyon or Haleakala. Ideally, everyone has the same idea and seats will tip backward soon into your flight.

However, you should always look behind you to make sure the coast is clear before pushing the button to put your seat back. It gives the person behind you a heads up if they have coffee in front of them or have their head down on the tray table.


Long story short, make sure to get your sleeping hours fixed even though conditions can be adverse. Few more hours of sleep can really make the difference the next day as well as in long-term relationships with your sleeping schedule.

Speaking of which, ensure your sleeping environment back home is at its best.

Your Mattress plays a central role and determines both your mental and body health.

Check out of the craftsmanship of 4 past generations can make your future a better and healthier place.

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