6 Sleep habits of the average Singapore 'OL' (Office Lady). Are they true?

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Article Reference: HER WORLD Singapore


It is interesting for us to know that there are 6 sleep habits of the average Singapore 'OL' (Office Lady) as below:

#1 : You don’t get enough sleep on weekdays.

Almost 80% of Singaporeans get by with less than the recommended 8 hours of sleep per night, are you one of them?

#2 : You nap on the way to work.

To make up for the lack of sleep, as many as 52% of Singaporeans will take a cat nap while on the bus or train, en route to the office.

#3 Work-related stress keeps you awake at night.

It’s one of the biggest causes of your insomnia and why you’re still up, late at night. 59% of Singaporeans polled admit to losing sleep because of such sources of stress.

#4 You use your weekends to make up for the lack of sleep.

This is when you usually catch up on that sleep debt. One in every 2 Singaporeans (That is 50%) admit to sleeping in over the weekends.

#5 You probably sleep with the air-con on.

Maybe we are too used to the cool confines of our office that we really can't do without the air-conditioning at home too. More than half of the 1,000 interviewees surveyed admitted to needing a conducive room temperature to sleep well, which also basically implies that most of us do turn on the A/C.

#6 You sleep better with a bolster.

1 in 3 Singaporeans agree that they do sleep better with a bolster pillow; perhaps the reason why those hotel stays abroad might feel less satisfying because that precious narrow pillow isn't around.

If you are one of those 80% who don't get enough sleep on weekdays, you may need to review your mattress condition or relook into the bedroom environment. We know choosing the right mattress could be a daunting task. Therefore, we have summarised them into the 6 simple steps of buying guide.

Just in case you need further assistance or guidance from our professional sleep experts, you can always walk-in to the nearest store around you.

"There is never lack of sleep, but lack of a right mattress.", Hilker Singapore.

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